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(+denotes publications with mentored graduate or undergraduate student or postdoctoral trainee)

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2021  +Elvin, O., Modecki, K.L., Finch, J., Donnolle, K., Farrell, L., & Waters, A. (2021). Joining the pieces in childhood irritability: Distinct typologies predict conduct, depressive, and anxiety symptoms. Behaviour Research and Therapy.  (co-corresponding author)


2020  Modecki, K.L. (2020) Not just doing time. Distinct typologies of attitudes and emotions among juvenile justice involved youth.

American Journal of Community Psychology.    

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2010 and Prior

2010   Chassin, L., Dimitrieva, J., Modecki, K.L., Steinberg, L., Cauffman, E., Piquero, A., Knight, G., & Losoya, S. (2010).  Does adolescent substance use predict depressed growth in psychosocial maturity? Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 24 (1), 48-60.

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2008   Modecki, K.L. (2008). Addressing gaps in the maturity of judgment literature:  Age differences and delinquency. Law and Human Behavior, 32(1), 78-91. 


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Journal Publications

2023   Modecki, K.L., +Duvenage, M., Zimmer-Gembeck, +Robbins, S. & Uink, B. (2023). Capturing coping:  Innovative designs and 
considerations for studying the topography of adolescents’ coping. In (Ed.) Melanie Zimmer-Gembeck & Ellen Skinner. The Handbook on the Development of Coping

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White Papers

2022   Vernon, L., Modecki, K.L., & Austin, K. (2022). Understanding wellbeing challenges for university students during crisis disruption. National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education.

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Measures: descriptive and psychometric Data from a sample of vulnerable young people. Melbourne, Australia: Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre.


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2006    Modecki, K.L. Summative evaluation guidelines for Outward Bound Youth At-Risk Programs. Jacksonville, FL: Outward Bound.

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