PhD Candidate

Bep N. Uink

In 2012 I completed a Bachelor of Psychology (Honors, 1A) at Murdoch University, Western Australia. Throughout my undergraduate degree I spent nine months working with families and children in crisis at the state Child Protection agency. I received an Australian Postgraduate Award in 2013 which allowed me to study at a postgraduate level. I am currently studying a combined Master of Applied Psychology (Clinical)/PhD at the School of Psychology & Exercise Science. My dissertation research has taken place through the ‘How Do You Feel’ project, which utilizes smartphones to deliver Experience Sampling Method (ESM) surveys to socio-educationally ‘at-risk’ youth.  I am interested in the intersection between socio-economic risk and externalizing psychopathology, and how these external and internal liabilities interact to compromise youths’ ability to react, respond, and recover adaptively to stressors encountered in day-to-day life. My clinical work spans assessment, intervention and evaluation of evidence-based treatments to assist individuals and families.

Former PhD Students (primary supervision)

Dr. Megan Duvenage

School Psychologist

"How do you feel?" project

Dr. Lynette Vernon

Vice Chancellor's Senior Research Fellow. ECU

YAPS project

Dr. Cathy Drane

Research Fellow, Curtin University

YAPS project

Dr. Stuart Watson

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Murdoch University

YAPS project

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